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Why to use a Professional Photographer

Advice and Interaction Make the Difference.

I take the time to find out what you really need - and the process becomes interactive.  I am able to advise my clients on the type of image will not only look the best, but is appropriate to the project the photo is being used for.

This does not only apply to Head Shots and Portraits.  It is an important consideration in product photography as well.

My basic rule is to always ask: “What is the photo being used for?”  From there I can ask other questions regarding the final presentation of the photograph and if there is a way to use the same photo for multiple uses, such as both a web site and for a printed brochure.

Headshot Before Image that a non-professional might create
Head shot as your
brother-in-law might do...
You want THIS for a Head Shot on your Web site?
Headshot after that a professional would create
THIS is why you call Bruce!


Technical Excellence: Tools and Tricks of the Trade

 I believe that a professionally done photograph must have certain qualities that  bring the photo up to my standards.  I have over 25 years of experience both as a  photographer and as a printer.  I draw upon this knowledge to produce photos that  have the technical quality I want to allow the photos to  be used for as many  purposes as possible.  My career spanned the era that was the transition between  traditional silver images and today’s digital media.  But to me, the principals remain  the same.  A good print will always be the final objective.  And I can get that print  with the knowledge I have from the many years of experience in photography.

Before there were computer programs to combine, control and retouch images, I had learned all the tools to do get these results by hand.  The computer has changed the way things are done, but the mind and the experienced eye are the final judges of the result.  I am happy to have the new technology.  And I am just as happy that I had the chance to learn about technical excellence and elegance the by the older traditional methods.   


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